How to delete Flickr account

Before you delete your Flickr account, you must know that every single data on Flickr account will be deleted. So you have to think more, that you have sure to delete your Flickr account. How to delete your account on Flickr is too simple. You can follow the instruction below to get details about it.

How to delete Flickr account

  1. Sign in to Flickr account by using your Yahoo account.

  2. Click on your photo profile icon (see camera icon or your buddy icon)

  3. carasignout

  4. Click on “Setting”

  5. Click  on “Delete your Flickr account”

  6. Click on “Ok, Next”

  7. Enter your password again, and then click “Sign in”.

  8. Check “Yes…” box. 

  9. The last step click on “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”

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