Intentions is essential before doing the work

Every day we do a lot of things, doing a good or a bad thing. Not a bit of work we do work well. If someone did a bad thing and a bad outcome, then that person would not be surprised at all. Because, as we all know that's the law. When we do a bad job then we will get a reply that bad. But what if we've done a good thing, but it did not work well? Why this could happen?

If you have something like that, then you should be proofread your intentions to do the job. Because intentions is a requirement of acceptance or non-acceptance of a work. All the things we do, if it does not intend for Allah Ta'ala then the deed null, and have no benefit either to the world or the hereafter.
Intentions is divided into two 
  1. To distinguish (type of practice), intentions to distinguish between worship one another, distinguish between worship with routines (custom). Such as, to distinguish between fasting obligatory and sunnah fasting, prayer midday and evening prayers, and distinguish ordinary junub bath and shower.
  2. To distinguish the purpose of the practice, whether the practice is done for Allah and His Apostle, or do as the other (world affairs). If we do something with intentions for Allah and His Apostle, then we will get the reward. If we do something it was not for God then we will not get a reward.
If someone acts because the world and not because of Allah Ta'ala, then Allah will make his affairs became scattered, showed poverty before his eyes, and all the affairs of the world did not come to him except a little. But if otherwise, someone do something for God and His Apostle, He will launch his business, giving him enough, and the world came to him with abject circumstances. So, let's be clear about our intention to do everything. Let intend to do so (which should be done) only because God, the goodness, so that we get a good response and we are in the matters made it easy by Allah Ta'ala. Aamin.

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